Quick Tips for Choosing the Best Garage Door for Your Home

Your home's garage door may be more important than you realize, since it can either add or detract from your home's curb appeal and also works to keep everything inside your garage safe from potential thieves. If your home's garage is attached to the home, this can also be a potential point of entry for intruders. Note a few tips for choosing the best garage door for your home when you're ready to upgrade or replace the current door.

1. Material

Wood has a classic and timeless look, but it does need regular maintenance including painting or staining. Steel is very durable and very secure; it's difficult to splinter or pry away from its frame, but it can also be very heavy. You might need a new frame for the garage door itself if you opt for steel. Materials like vinyl or PVC can be very lightweight and they're also durable and difficult to break or otherwise splinter; they can also often be stamped or formed to look like wood. They can also be a good choice if you aren't getting an automatic garage door opener, as other materials may be too heavy to manually lift on your own.

2. Security

If you opt for a vinyl or PVC door, note that it can be difficult to drill into these materials without cracking or chipping them. This can make adding an extra lock very difficult. If you need added security, choose a door with a deadbolt on the inside and a heavy-duty handle with a keyed lock that would be difficult to break with a hammer or pry bar. If these are already installed, you wouldn't need to add them later for additional security.

3. Opening 

Most doors swing out and then follow a track to the top of the garage, but this can be cumbersome for smaller properties and for those who keep a car parked outside their garage for whatever reason. Note that a roller door is not reserved just for commercial garages but can be installed in residential homes. Having a sectioned door that rolls into a housing unit above the door can mean saving space outside the garage and also along the ceiling of the garage, so this space can be used for storage. A sectioned rolling garage door can also mean more affordable repairs; if one section gets dented or otherwise damaged, you can repair or replace just that section rather than the entire garage door. For more info, contact a company like The Roller Door Doctor.