A Few Tips When Having Custom Cabinets Made for Your Kitchen

Having custom cabinets made can mean creating a kitchen space that works specifically for you and your family, and that is suited to your taste in décor. When you do have the chance to have custom cabinets made, you don't want to overlook the opportunity to ensure they offer everything you need to make your kitchen one you'll love for years to come. Note a few tips when you're having these made for your home.

Set out the things you need to store in particular

When having custom cabinets built, of course you'll need space for the standard set of dishes and drinking glasses, but you may also have items to store in particular and which need to be fit into those cabinets. For example, suppose you often host gatherings with lots of mixed drinks, so you have several different types of cocktail glasses, shot glasses, and the like. A custom cabinetmaker may create shelving for each size of cocktail glass and shot glasses so they stay organized without wasting space. You may also use certain small appliances regularly, such as a waffle maker, crock-pot, and the like. Note these things to your custom cabinetmaker so he or she creates storage space for those items that suits your needs in the kitchen, rather than having standard-size cabinets alone.

Remember the accessories

The handles and drawer pulls of your cabinets and cupboards are like accessories to an outfit; they can be attractive and stylish and make the cabinets seem finished and upscale, or they can be very dull and drab. Don't overlook these accessories when deciding on custom cabinets; long bars can be more attractive than small buttons and may match your stainless steel appliances. Work with your cabinetmaker to ensure you're choosing the best accessories for your cabinets, as swapping them out once they're installed may mean needing to drill new holes or cover over old holes in the cabinets, and this can detract from their look.

Note the ease of replacement

While your custom cabinets should last for many years and be made with materials and a design you love, be sure you consider how easy and affordable it would be to replace a cabinet or part of a cabinet if it were to be damaged. Even the best cabinets may get chipped, dented, scratched, or otherwise damaged so that one needs replacing. Exotic hardwoods and a design that's very difficult to replicate can make that replacement more expensive than you realized, so take that into consideration when working with your cabinetmaker.