Modifying Your Bathroom Layout? 3 Tricks To Plan Your Bathroom Vanity Design

If you're thinking of giving your bathroom a major overhaul, then you've got to plan every element as carefully as possible to ensure you get everything you want in your bathing space. This guide aims to equip you with smart tricks to help you plan your vanity design during bathroom renovations.

Establish The Vanity Layout

Before you finalise the finish and colour, you have to plan the vanity layout based on the space you have in your bathroom. Horizontal-shaped vanities are popular choices with one section for drawers and the other for cabinets. They enable you to maximise storage space under the sink and are available in customised or off-the-rack options. If your bathroom wall is curved, then rounded vanities along the wall are popular choices, allowing you to integrate both drawers and cabinets into them. But these will need to be customised, as you are unlikely to find off-the-rack curved vanities to your bedroom specifications. If you're looking to optimise your space during bathroom renovations, the layout of the vanity should be off the floor and mounted on the wall to enable better movement space in your bathroom.

Choose Your Vanity Finish And Colour

Once you finalise your vanity layout, you must establish the colour and finish for your bathroom. You can choose between more conventional pieces with ornate cabinetry and drawers or you can choose sleek, modern designs with clean lines for a more streamlined appearance. Some homeowners also like the idea of antique vanity finishes. When choosing colour, it's always best to choose something that resonates with your bathroom finish for a homogenous appearance. For instance, you can paint your vanity in the same colour as your tiles or walls to maintain a look of unbroken continuity. If you have wood stained vanities in mind during bathroom renovations, choose a stain colour that perfectly integrates with the existing furnishings.

Consider Adding A Decorative Element

While your vanities are typically mounted under sinks, there's no reason to leave them out of decorative planning, because they have a significant presence in bathrooms. You can upscale your vanity design with lights, ornate handles and mirrors to give them enhanced aesthetic appeal. Lights not only add to the aesthetics, but also they make it easier to find what you're looking for inside the vanity. Mirrors on cupboard doors can infuse airiness in the bathroom when you have limited space to move around. Ornate handles add a strong visual element for enriched attractiveness.

Follow these smart tricks when planning your vanity design during bathroom renovations.