3 Essential Pieces of Equipment to Hire When Clearing Out Your Ramshackle Garden

Buying and restoring a run-down home can be a great way to increase the value of the property and create the home of your dreams. Generally, a run-down house also comes with a ramshackle garden that may not have had much attention for many years.

Before you can begin the process of landscaping your new garden and creating a beautiful outdoor space, you'll need to clear it out of the accumulated overgrowth and debris. Here are three essential pieces of equipment you'll need to hire to make the whole process as easy as possible.

1. A green waste bin

Purging your overgrown garden of weeds, plants and tree limbs that have been left to grow wild can be a huge task. The amount of green waste you remove will need to be disposed of and will generally be of a greater volume than your household wheelie bin can contain.

The solution is to hire a large bin that can be delivered to your home to fill at your leisure. Once it's full, the bin hire company can retrieve it and dispose of the green waste in an appropriate manner. If you also have a lot of rubbish and debris to remove, you may also need to hire a bin for the disposal of general waste.

2. A portable mulching machine

Mulch is a valuable addition to any garden. Using it on your garden beds can reduce moisture loss, deter weed growth and increase the quality of your soil. Instead of spending money on commercially bought mulch, you can make your own from appropriate forms of garden waste.

A portable mulching machine can be hired from most garden supply companies and can be delivered straight to your garden. Small tree limbs, green foliage, and tree bark can then be shredded into useful and organic mulch for your new garden.

3. A bobcat

When sculpting a new landscape out of your neglected and overgrown garden, you may need to move a considerable amount of soil around. Soil may need to be relocated to create garden beds and vegetable patches, and the entire space may need to be levelled to create a functional and family-friendly outdoor area.

Doing this by hand can be a time-consuming and back-breaking task. A fast and labour-friendly option is to hire a bobcat for a day. A bobcat is a mini earthmoving machine that can be operated without the need for experience or a special licence. It will make short work of relocating soil and creating a level surface to work with.

Clearing out a jungle-like garden may seem like an overwhelming and arduous task. However, with these readily available and inexpensive pieces of equipment, you'll be able to transform the space in no time at all.