Outdoor Living: Reducing the Costs of Pergola Construction

If you are thinking about enhancing your outdoor space, you should consider building a pergola in your property. This structure will provide extra space for personal relaxation, and you can entertain guests outside your house. Pergolas are attractive structures, so they will improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Moreover, you will improve the total value of your residential property and attract more interest when you decide to sell. On the other hand, the cost of building the pergola can be considerably high. Therefore, consider using these simple guidelines to reduce the total project expenses.

Choose Inexpensive Materials

There are numerous construction materials which are suitable for a pergola. In ideal circumstances, homeowners use premium lumber from trees such as spotted gum, Merbau, red gum and cypress. In addition, quality structures can be built using steel and aluminium. All these options are expensive and can easily cause you to strain your resources. If you want an inexpensive timber structure for your home, consider using pressure-treated pine.

Generally, timber obtained from pine trees is plentiful and affordable, and the treatment process ensures that the structure will not be damaged by rot or termites. You can also build a wood composite pergola. This material is made by combining plastic and wood, and the appearance is similar to that of premium timber. Additionally, pergolas can be built using uPVC components, so consider this plastic option before making your decision.

Opt for Attached Structures

There are two primary design configurations for a pergola: freestanding and attached. The former is the traditional structure, and it is favoured for installation in a garden or the open backyard. This design has timeless appeal and offers extensive flexibility with regard to the construction. Unfortunately, the cost of building a new independent structure is high, and you might not have sufficient space for this undertaking. If this is your situation, consider the attached alternative. This pergola will be partially supported by your house; this will reduce the materials and labour required for construction. You can further reduce the costs by building on your paved patio or existing deck.

Consider DIY Work

There are significant costs attached to engaging professionals for the pergola construction. Therefore, you should consider performing the work yourself completely or partially for lower labour expenses. If you have building skills and experience, you can construct a timber structure. There are prefabricated pergola kits which can be easily installed without any significant construction know-how. However, if you are uncertain about the pertinent work, consult a licensed builder for guidance.