The Advantages of Constructing a Steel Frame Structure

Timber has been one of the most commonly used building materials. Steel, on the other hand, has been considered an industrial construction material. Over the years, though, more and more people are finding that using steel frames for their structure could actually provide them with a host of benefits that timber is not capable of doing. If you are looking to build a new home, barn, shed or any other structure, the following are some of the advantages of choosing to incorporate steel frames.

Steel frames will save you money

The reason why some people have not adapted to steel is that they assume it is exorbitantly priced. Though the initial cost may seem steep, steel provides you with long-term cost savings. Firstly, steel is much easier to handle than raw lumber, which means you will save on transportation costs. Secondly, steel is also much more durable than its timber counterparts are. Hence, you will not have to bear the costs of repairs and maintenance that are associated with pest infestations, rot, splintering and more. Lastly, constructing with steel frames could actually afford you cheaper homeowners insurance as this material is resistant to fire.

Steel frames are highly versatile

Another reason why you should consider steel framing for your structure is the versatility that it will afford you. This is especially true if you are constructing a residence. One thing to note about steel frames is that they arrive onsite prefabricated. The pieces of steel are then assembled by the contractors, which is not as labour intensive as having to work with timber.  Another little known fact about steel is that it has a higher strength to weight ratio than timber. This increase of  strength to weight ratio enables the steel to support an expansive roofing structure. Thus, providing you with the freedom to construct large interior spaces, without having to resort to multiple beams and posts to support the structure. With timber, you would have to include support beams in your design for spacious interiors or the structure would cave in on itself.

Steel frames reduce your construction time

If you would like the duration of your construction project to be as short as possible, then you should consider steel frames. Steel building materials will come ready to assemble. Therefore, your contractors do not have to spend time shaping and cutting the building materials. Moreover, the steel is much lighter in weight than timber. This makes it easier for your construction contractors to work with the steel frames as compared to timber.