Benchtops: Popular Trends You Could Choose For Your Home

A mistake often made by homeowners is basing their decision of benchtop material on how little the material costs, which may seem economical at the offset, but the reality is that cheap materials often prove to be expensive in the long run. Whether you are remodelling or constructing a new home, you are better off investing in a premium material that is assured of providing you with longevity. So what are some of the popular trends of benchtop materials that you could choose for your home?

Engineered stone

As the name implies, this material is artificially synthesised to mimic natural stone. Different types of engineered stone benchtops will have different minerals incorporated into their creation. When it comes to benchtops, the quartz-based engineered stone is best suited for the kitchen as it provides ease of maintenance as well as high durability.

It should be noted though that on closer inspection, engineered stone can be differentiated from natural stone. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a vast array of colour options when selecting your benchtops, engineered stone would be a good choice.


Granite remains a staple when it comes to benchtops as it is considered to be one of the strongest materials. Thus, it is not surprising that it is also one of the pricier options as it is expected to withstand high impact without succumbing to cracks or other wear. It should also be noted that granite is also relatively affordable when compared with other natural stone materials such as marble.

To keep granite benchtops in good condition, ensure that you have it sealed on a scheduled basis to keep it impervious.

Solid synthetic benchtops

When some people hear the word solid benchtops, they assume they must be made from natural wood. Although butcher-block benchtops are a form of solid benchtops, solid synthetic benchtops are made from artificial materials. Initially these types of benchtops were manufactured to be utilised as countertops in laboratories due to their hardwearing nature. Over time, the solid synthetic benchtops steadily made their way into households as they can withstand the immense wear that kitchen countertops are exposed to daily. Solid synthetic benchtops are also a convenient alternative as they can be shaped and moulded to your specific needs. Therefore, if you have an awkwardly shaped kitchen, this may be an option you may want to consider.

If you're unsure which benchtops will be suit your home, make sure talk with a professional contractor.