How to Make a Guest Room More Sumptuous

A spare bedroom is a room that you might not use very often, but when guests are invited to stay the night they should create a favourable impression. All too often, spare bedrooms become dumping grounds for paperwork, old clothes and boxes of things that need to be sorted out. Even if your guest room is relatively clutter free, then there are undoubtedly things that you can do to improve the interior décor. After all, reception rooms and main bedrooms tend to get the most attention when it comes to decoration, and spare bedrooms often suffer from neglect. What tips should you be following in order to make your guest room truly sumptuous and inviting?

Make the Most of Space

Since the majority of guest rooms are not the largest spaces in a typical home, you can feel that creating a sense of roominess is not easy. However, by fitting a queen sized bed rather than a conventional one you will instantly make the room feel more luxurious, even if the bed needs to be pushed up against one wall to accommodate it. Smaller beds almost draw attention to a lack of space.

Storage units that are fitted on the wall over the bed make the best use of space and ensure that extra room on floor is afforded. Choose lightly coloured or neutral linen for your queen bed as this will make the room seem larger too. Paint the ceiling white and hang at least two mirrors in the bedroom to make it some more full of light and spacious.

Window Treatments

The glazing in a bedroom won't make the space feel sumptuous on its own, but the way in which you decorate it will. Often, people will decorate a window in a spare room with a pelmet and long curtains which are chosen to fit in, or even match, the rest of the décor. 

However, spare bedrooms are frequently better off with a simple decorative effect, such as a print on a roller blind. Venetian blinds are also a practical choice but you do need to bear in mind that they require dusting regularly. By opting for blinds over curtains, you give a spare bedroom a contemporary hotel-like feel which will meet your guests' expectations, especially if they are used to travelling a lot.


Wall-to-wall carpet makes a single zone out of an entire room. Guest rooms feel more like suites if you break down their floor space. Therefore, it is a good idea to fit laminate wooden flooring and then to use rugs to zone off the space. Place rugs either side of the bed and at its foot for a sumptuous feeling underfoot, but keep the room free from them in places like walk-in wardrobes, desk areas and at dressing tables.