Potential problems with your ignition

Sometimes your car just won't start because of a problem with the ignition and you need to call an auto locksmith. Here are some common problems you can encounter;

Lock cylinder

There are various causes of car cylinder issues including;

Manufacturer defect

The cylinder could have a defect that will cause failure as the ignition is used more and more. If the car has a warranty, the manufacturer will fix it but often, the warranty has run out so you need an auto locksmith to fix it for you.


A vehicle thief might try to start your car with another key or fiddle with the ignition. In the process, the cylinder can be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.

Dirt or obstruction in the lock cylinder

The ignition could jam because there is grease or dirt inside and you have to wiggle the key hard for it to start. The ignition can be cleaned and it will work flawlessly. Also, a foreign object can be trapped in the lock by accident. In such a case, removing it will allow the ignition to work again.

Worn out lock

With an old worn out ignition lock cylinder, the springs inside could be weakened causing stuck springs and pins. These could need replacing by an auto locksmith.


Sometimes it is the keys that have a problem. They could be getting stuck in the ignition, hard to turn in the ignition or even break in the ignition. Here are some reasons why:

Wrong key

This is not really a problem with the key, the key is meant for somewhere else. When you put a wrong key in the ignition it can get stuck. This could prompt vigorous wiggling and turn of the key on your part. Wrong move.

The best solution if any key gets stuck in the ignition, is to call an auto locksmith lest the key breaks in the lock or it strains and damages the locking mechanism of your ignition cylinder.

Worn out key

Every time you use your car key, small, barely visible particles are eroded by friction. Over time this erosion will adjust the size and shape your key so slightly, but it will not fit well into the lock anymore and you might use more force to turn it before it works. Ultimately it will stop working.

Bent key

A key will bend due to improper handling, trying to straighten it could weaken it.

Important note

When you have a problem with your car ignition or key, you can call an auto locksmith to save time and the costs of having your car towed.