Two possessions to put into storage units before leaving your home unoccupied for an extended period of time

If you need to leave your home unoccupied for an extended period of time, these are the two possessions that you should put into storage units prior to your departure.

Your vehicle

If there are storage facilities near your home that offer vehicle storage services, then you should put any vehicle that you will not be taking with you when you leave into one of these facilities' units. The reason for this is as follows: if a criminal has to choose between breaking into a house, where there may or may not be valuable goods, or into a garage in which they know there is a vehicle (because they have either observed its owner driving it in and out of the garage, or because they can see into the garage via one of its windows), they will virtually always opt for the latter. This is because garages require less effort to break into than houses and because a vehicle is easy for a criminal to transport (provided they manage to start it) and to resell.

Even if your garage's security system is modern and well-designed, it will simply not be on par with that which can be found in a commercial storage facility. Furthermore, placing your vehicle in one of these units will mean that it will be kept under the continuously watchful eye of the storage facility's security team, instead of being left on your unoccupied property. This is crucial as security guards have the ability to actually stop a robbery before it has barely even begun, once their security system has alerted them to the issue. Conversely, whilst your garage's alarm might go off if an intruder enters it, there will be no-one in the immediate vicinity who will be able to then put a stop to this intruder's efforts to steal the vehicle inside this space.

Any high-value jewellery

The other type of possession that is best left in the storage units of a storage facility is your high-value jewellery. This includes any items that feature real diamonds or precious metals like gold, platinum or silver. The reason for this is as follows: if someone tears through your home whilst you're away, the things that they will be most likely to grab will be those that are not only highly valuable but which are also extremely portable. Unfortunately, things like diamond earrings or solid gold rings fit into this category perfectly as they are often worth thousands of dollars and are so tiny and lightweight that a criminal can simply hold them in their hand as they run away without any fear of being slowed down by the weight or size of these objects.

Because of this, the safest place to keep this expensive jewellery when you're not at home and cannot protect it is in a storage unit. The unit itself will have its own high-tech lock and extremely secure door and will be in a facility which benefits from the constant presence of security guards.

To learn more about vehicle storage and storage units, contact a storage facility in your area.