Good Reasons to Fit an Awning Over Your Sun Deck

Sun decks are popular all over Europe as well as in Australia today. They form an informal space in your garden where you can hang out, perhaps by the pool, with nothing to do except enjoy your domestic environment. Of course, Australian homes often have patios and terraces, too, but a sun deck is really designed for the summer months. However, many sun decks could be greatly improved by the addition of an awning. Why are these products so good for sun decks and why are so many Australian homeowners now opting for them?

Shade When You Need It

One of the great things about awnings is that they are very versatile. Of course, in the heat of the midday sun, many people will realise that lazing around soaking in the rays on their sun deck is inadvisable even if you have taken the precaution of applying sunscreen. It just gets too hot. This is where an awning will make all the difference because you can make a cooling patch of shade. If the sun is not strong or it is lower in the sky, then all you have to do is to adjust the pitch of your canopy, and your sun deck can continue to be used just how you like it. Shade sails, which are permanently fixed in position, don't offer this degree of flexibility.

Sun Protection

As well as making you feel cooler, modern awnings will protect you from the sun. In the past, you used to have awnings made from fabrics which did not block out all of the sun's rays. In particular, the materials used would leak ultraviolet light which is now known to be harmful to people's skin. However, today's awning manufacturers use very advanced fabrics which will block out UV light, meaning you can enjoy being outside without having to worry about doing harm to the health of your skin.

Add Value To Your Home

Wherever you install awnings around your property, the result will be that you have added value to it. Awnings over entrances, patios and sun decks are features that prospective buyers will all appreciate so long as they have been reasonably well maintained. Therefore, any purchase of a canopy of this type should not be seen as mere expenditure but as an investment with a value you can recoup if and when you decide the time is right to sell up and move on.

For more information about awnings, speak with a professional.