Choosing The Best Bedroom Blinds

Bedrooms are sanctuaries for most because they provide the privacy of intimate space and the comfort of sleeping quarters. With Australians spending on average 7 hours a day sleeping, your bedroom must be equipped to make this third of your life as pleasant as possible. To most people, this will mean treating your windows to ensure you receive natural light when you desire it and block out sun rays when you need darkness. This will require choosing bedroom blinds which combine privacy, insulation, and aesthetic appeal. Here are a few options you may want to consider.  

Roller And Roman Blinds Are Australian Design Classics

Roller blinds, as their name suggests, can be rolled down windows to block out light or rolled up to let it pour in. They are discreet, subtle and can blend in with any decor. Roller blinds are also incredibly adaptable because you can choose the fabric used to cover your windows. Roller blinds are ideal bedroom options; their coverage is impenetrable and provides desirable privacy. The ease of your blinds' maintenance will depend on the fabric you use for the sheeting.

Roman blinds are a sophisticated option because they mimic the design of the curtains with a smoother, less bulky installation. Roman blinds are ideal for bedrooms with minimalist decor. They do not block out the light as much as roller blinds; therefore, they are a great option if you're looking for dawn's natural light to pour into your bedroom in the morning. You can opt for a block-out lining to be installed under your Roman blinds for added privacy.

Venetian And Honeycomb Blinds Are Insulating Options

Venetian blinds use metal (generally aluminium) to create slats that can be tilted to let the light in or to block it out. You can adjust the slats into positions which allow some of the light and outside weather in the room or insulate it entirely. Recent advances in Venetian blind design have led to the creation of smart privacy slats, which do not feature slots in between slats, maximising the blinds' blockage of natural light.

Honeycomb blinds generally allow minimal light to filter in the room; therefore, they are the advised option if you're looking to minimise your use of artificial light in your bedroom. Honeycomb blinds can be used on double-hung windows, French doors and even standard slider windows. Their insulating properties allow you to keep your bedroom warm in winter, but their adjustable design also enables you to let fresh, cool air penetrate the room in summer.

For more information about blinds, contact a window treatment service.