5 Reasons to Install Floor Heating in Your Home

Compared to other common methods of heating your home, including hot air systems or water-filled radiators, floor heating has many advantages. Here are five reasons to invest in floor heating for your home.

1. Cosy Feet

Do you dread getting out of bed because you know the floor will feel cold on your feet? Do you find yourself tip-toeing around the house, trying to stay out of contact with the floor? These problems will not bother you any more if you install floor heating. This form of heating makes the floor pleasantly warm underfoot. As warm air is less dense than cold air, the air just above the floor rises as it warms up, spreading the heat around the whole room.

2. Energy Efficiency

Floor heating is a highly efficient form of heating. Whereas wall-mounted heaters waste heat by transferring it through the walls to the outside, floor heating heats your home from the centre. This method of heating can help your home to feel cosy and warm, without you having to spend a lot of money on heating bills.

3. Safe Heating

If you have pets or young children at home with you, then floor heating is an excellent choice to ensure their safety. When properly installed, it presents no fire risk, no risk of a gas leak and no risk of burns, as all hot parts of the system are tucked safely away beneath the floor. There are no exposed wires for pets to chew or little fingers to tamper with. Floor heating is almost certainly the safest form of heating for your family.

4. No Design Limitations

When you use wall-mounted heaters to keep your home warm, you need to be careful with how you lay out your furniture. Long curtains that cover the heaters allow heat to escape through the windows, while putting armchairs or sofas in front of the heaters prevents them from spreading their heat into the room. Floor heating warms the entire room from the bottom up, placing no restrictions on how you arrange the objects in your home.

5. Reliability

With no moving parts and no gas, the maintenance needs of floor heating are very low. Once installed, this type of heating should give you many years of reliable service. You can control the system using a control panel, with no need to clean filters, bleed radiators, or have gas safety inspections.