Two Tips to Follow if You'll Be Surprising Your Spouse With a Vehicle for Their Birthday

If your spouse needs a new car and you've decided to surprise them with one for their birthday, the tips here could come in handy.

Find a storage facility that provides vehicle-friendly storage units

Whilst you could simply take your spouse car-shopping on their birthday instead of getting a car in advance, it would probably be a nicer surprise to present them with a pre-purchased vehicle. Furthermore, buying the car before their birthday will mean that they can spend the actual day having a party and celebrating in their home, instead of wandering around automotive dealerships. With this in mind, you should try to find a storage business that has vehicle-friendly storage units (i.e. units that are large and accessible enough for a car).

You can then go on a quick trip to this unit on your spouse's birthday, pick up their present and take it back to your home. If you want to put any birthday-present decorations on the car before giving it to them (such as, for example, an enormous ribbon or a birthday banner), you should buy these and store them inside the vehicle in the unit so you don't have to go searching your home for them after you've returned with the car.

Check what type of proof you'll need to submit when collecting it on your spouse's birthday

Staff at storage facilities understand how important it is to keep their customers' stored items secure. Because of this, the storage facility staff where you keep this new vehicle might need you to show them proof that you are the named renter of the unit before you take the car away.

This proof might simply be the key to the unit, the confirmation email or text the storage company sent you when you first rented it or some identification. Finding out what you'll need to bring in advance will ensure your return home with this birthday present is not delayed, as a result of you being unable to give the facility's staff the proof they have asked you for.

This is important, as it could be frustrating if, for instance, you had planned to present your spouse with the car at a specific moment during their birthday party. Ensuring you have whatever proof you'll need will also mean that there will be no delays relating to the vehicle collection that will prevent you from taking care of the other birthday preparations.