Ready to Buy Aussie Made Sofas? Double-Check These Facts When Choosing a Brand and Seller

Buying a sofa made here in Australia helps send your money right back into the Australian economy instead of sending it overseas. It also reduces the fuel used for shipping. But finding a sofa made in Australia may be easier or harder depending on what you consider to be Aussie-made. For some, an item isn't fully Aussie unless every part of it was sourced and put together in the country. For others, furniture makers have more leeway. If you're looking for an Aussie-made sofa, try to find out just how much of the process was completed here.

Where Are the Materials From?

They're made in Australia and sourced in Australia. It's common to find items where the materials came from outside the country but were put together here. Sometimes, you can't help where a company gets its goods; the raw materials may simply not be available in the country. This is actually a sticking point for many people, as they want to reduce their overall carbon footprint, and having raw materials shipped into the country (as opposed to the furniture company looking for substitute materials produced domestically) isn't the most fuel-efficient option in many cases.

How Much Work Is Done Here?

Having the item manufactured or put together in Australia also has its variations. An item may be completely sourced and made here; it could also have raw materials sourced elsewhere that are then machined or cut here into the forms needed to create the furniture. It's also possible that the furniture company got nearly completed parts from a factory overseas and then just attached everything here in Australia. The more work that was done here, the more "made in Australia" that item will be.

How Far Will the Item Have to Travel?

An additional issue that you may want to look at is how far the completed item will have to travel to reach you. If you're concerned about carbon footprints and fuel use, for example, ordering something in Melbourne that's being shipped from Perth is usually less efficient (there are always exceptions) than ordering something from a company with a warehouse in another part of Victoria. This is a factor that's much harder for a consumer to control, but if you're determined to buy something made locally, it is an issue to keep an eye on.

Buying Aussie-made sofas is a terrific way to support your local economy while turning your home into a comfortable, fashionable place to be. You've got plenty of options, so take your time and find a sofa that you adore.