What Are the Main Reasons to Fit Plantation Shutters?

As window treatments, plantation shutters are very distinctive. You can find plantation window shutters fitted in Victorian-era properties all over the world and they certainly suit nineteenth-century buildings. However, there is much more to plantation blinds and shutters than simply look right in older-style homes. Indeed, their distinctive appeal means that they'll work just as well in much more modern interior décor styles. Why might you consider them for your home? Read on to find out. 

Great Light Control

To begin with, one of the principal benefits of fitting plantation window shutters is that they afford superb levels of control over sunlight. If you want to blackout your home's interior on particularly sunny days, then you can pull them across and raise their slats such that nearly all the available light is shut out. However, you can also adjust the slats, a bit like Venetian blinds, to allow more light in when you want. Unlike Venetian blinds, however, you can also open plantation shutters up so that one side or the other of your window is covered but not the other. This means you get much more flexibility with this type of window treatment than just about any other.

Improved Privacy Levels

Being able to move your plantation window shutters just as you want them means also being able to block lines of sight into your home. One of the problems with curtains is that they don't create privacy unless you pull them across fully which means living in gloomy conditions or needlessly turning your lights on. With a judiciously positioned plantation shutter, however, you can get all the privacy you want from neighbouring properties while still allowing sunlight to flood in.

Easy to Maintain

Another key advantage of plantation-style window treatments is that they take very little maintenance. There is no control mechanism to go wrong as you get with roller blinds, for example. You can dust them and then simply wipe them over with a damp cloth to make them look as good as new, as well. In other words, once fitted, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Reduce Extraneous Noise

With a physical barrier between your home's interior and the window, you can cut down on noise. The sound of passing traffic or neighbours will be much less intrusive after fitting plantation window shutters even if you keep your windows open. This is a big benefit to people who live in busy neighbourhoods, of course.

To learn more about plantation window shutters, contact a supplier.