Ways to Upgrade Your Walk-In Wardrobe

When you purchased your home, it may have already had a walk-in wardrobe. This wardrobe design may have worked great over the years. However, you may have reached a point where you would like to have some upgrades installed. If you are looking for ways to upgrade your wardrobe, here are a few ideas that may work well for your needs and closet space. 

Vanity Additions

One of the additions that is growing in popularity is to have a built-in vanity put in with your walk-in wardrobe or closet. This vanity can be a simple area to allow you to do your makeup, hair and any prepping you need to do while getting dressed. The vanity can be a small bench style with proper makeup lighting. You can also go with the idea of having lighting that is set for different lighting situations. Daylight, candlelight, afternoon lighting, and other lighting settings can be installed with your vanity lighting addition. You can also have a small bench designed to fit neatly underneath the vanity for easy and clean storage. 

Hosiery and Lingerie Island

One issue many people have with their walk-in wardrobes and closets is organizing lingerie and hosiery. One option some people turn to is to have a hosiery and lingerie island installed. This island can have several drawers built-in for each style of lingerie and hosiery you have. You can also have a flat top placed on the island to hold mirrors or to place different dressing items you will need. You can also have a small drying rack attached to the island for air drying delicates like your silk stockings and other items. 

Laundry Baskets and Hampers

If you have a walk-in wardrobe or closet, you likely undress in the space as well as dress. This means you will have clothes that need to be laundered or washed. You can have your contractor upgrade your walk-in area to include built-in laundry baskets and hampers. You can have one or more put in depending on the type of laundry you have. For example, dark clothes may need a hamper while lingerie and delicate items are placed in another hamper. Dry cleaning can also have its own hamper as well. 

These are just a few of the ways to upgrade your walk-in wardrobe. If you have ideas and you want to implement any of these ideas, contact your local contractor. They can arrive on-site to get measurements for the space and discuss what you want to upgrade. They can answer questions about additions or changes you want to make. They will also answer questions regarding installation and deadlines for the project to finish.